Where to eat

Burnley is fantastic for restaurants and general places to eat.

Here are the finest restaurants. All family friendly and happy for you to walk in off the street without a reservation.


DSC_2744Aldos is a traditional italian restaurant, complete with naked sculptures and  flamboyant staff, I can guarantee you’ll hear some smooth, delightful shouting in italian. But the food is regarded as the best Italian in Burnley.

Often fully booked and critically a claimed Aldos is a personal favorite of all the other local Italian restaurant owners, I feel this should say enough about the quality. Plus if you’re in a rush they offer a take away service and bar where you can wait for your food.

Its prices are typical of a mid to high-end restaurant, for a family of four you’re looking at a bill between 40 and 60 pounds, but well worth it.

To book a table in advance call 01282 455990

To visit Aldo’s rather pretty and easy to use website for everything from wine lists to opening times have a look here.

The Wokplace.

DSC_2794Burnley’s premier chinese. A sit in and takeaway restaurant, The Wokplace are so confident about the quality of their food that they cook it right in front of you, a rare occurrence in the world of chinese takeaways.

A small place but predominantly a take away so seats are always available. If you don’t fancy waiting around (by waiting around I mean a wait of 30 minutes max) then you can phone in advance on 01282 428128.

The Wokplace have what they call a website, but in essence it’s just a map, menu and opening times. To have a look follow this link.

It’s relatively easy to find, but if you’re having trouble look for the KFC, but please, don’t go to the KFC, it’s really not that nice.

The Usher.

DSC_2698Burnley’s best Indian, opened in 2002 and it’s fantastic, I don’t like Indian food, but I like the Usher, a variety of traditional Indian food from the weakest korma to the hottest Vindaloo, kids curries (very weak) and omlettes, if you don’t like curry.

It’s often very busy and if you’re planning to attend on a Friday or Saturday after 6pm then i’d strongly advice you to reserve a table via 01282 457529.

For the usher’s menu and a little more detail including opening times visit their website via this link link, be warned that the website is rarely updated, if ever.

Sycamore Farm.

DSC_2707Famous in the town for its self service carvery, inexpensive, good quality food and a very warm atmosphere, it’s a very nice place to be, has all the stylings of a pub-restaurant but without the drunks. A play area for the kids and special events  for them are a frequent occurrence.

But if you’re not into all that kids stuff then don’t be afraid! The kids stuff is far enough away form the main seating areas that you need not worry about children running around your table and causing all sorts of unholy hassle.

I spoke to Sycamore Farm chef Dave Kostileck told me why its such a good place to eat “We have the largest carvery section in the local area, we serve locally brewed cask ales from local micro breweries such as  Worsthorne and Moorehouses. We have daily special as well as our normal menu, biggest and best quiz night in Burnley every week. Friendly atmosphere and amazing cakes prepared in house”

You don’t need to worry about booking a table unless you’re intending to arrive on mothers day or new years eve.

However, if you live life on the safe side then you can call them via 01282 427101. for more information and the menu have a gander their the website, Opening times and upcoming events can also be found here.